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How is it made?

There is no such jam in the world that our masters at Bacula could not make. There are about 100 products in our production list now, but many products are also tailor made to the exact needs of specific customers. For example when a baker needs a strawberry jam for Swiss rolls, the jam is made to fit the baker’s equipment.

Both home made jams and our jams contain sugar and berries – and lots of berries.

The main aim is to achieve just the right consistency – since we work with other businesses, the jam has to be suitable for the equipment our customers use. Some need a really thick jam, the others, on the contrary, a rather liquid one.

And sometimes the best thing to do is to go to the customer and see the machines they use and how the jam is dosed. Then it is not enough to stand by the stove and stir the jam – some knowledge of engineering would also be important.

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